Wednesday, January 30, 2013

There's Just Something about Bread

by M. J. Joachim

Food of kings and royalty…

Manna from heaven, a symbol of prosperity, and unifying love…

Flavors and textures combine to entice even the fussiest eaters, satisfying everyone, leaving no one hungry or wishing for more. 

Community gathers to share in bread’s goodness, a cause for joy and celebration to be sure.  It can never be minimized into a poor excuse to fill your stomach, or an unacceptable means of eating too much.

Grains used to make bread are dependent upon their regions, allowing it to boast of varieties far beyond your own imagination.  Rye, wheat, rice, lentils, and even potatoes can be used as main ingredients.  Spices and nuts are added for extra flavor and texture.  

Bread doubles and even triples with yeast, or remains flat when left unleavened, depending upon your present mood or preference.  One thing that can be said for certain about bread is that it is versatile.

Stuff it or stretch it. Fry it or bake it. Turn it into crackers for soups or use it to sop up gravy in stew.  Toast bread with jelly; top it with cheese. Enjoy scrumptious flavors with a pat of butter, melting on top - drizzling down the side.

There’s just something about bread, especially homemade bread, that people simply cannot live without. 

Wishing you every happiness,

M. J.

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