Friday, January 25, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things

by M. J. Joachim

It’s kind of funny to me that I found a blog hop titled, Celebrate the Small Things, considering this is one of the reasons I started Effectively Human in the first place – to celebrate human life. There it was, and now all the information anyone needs to know is listed in a page at the top of this blog.

Blogging from A – Z was my first REAL exposure to blog hops. It was late on a Sunday night in 2012. I was chatting it up in one of my Facebook groups, and all anyone could talk about was writing blog posts relating to the alphabet. April Fool’s and all…finally, I realized they were truly talking about something big, and this Challenge was starting the very next day (or was it that evening?)…no matter.

I was hooked, literally…created more stitch tutorials in one month than I ever imagined. 

Suddenly, keeping up a crochet blog truly was something I could manage on a daily basis. In the middle of it, Google’s Knit Crochet Week (another blog hop) started; because I was having so much fun with A – Z, I signed up for that one too! (Naturally, I combined both into 1 post.)

Since then, I learned to celebrate a lot of small things along the way. Like Arizona sunrises…


Before I typed that last sentence, I scooped up my camera and caught one for you…

It’s things like this that make us human – effectively human even. One simple, happy burst of energy turning into a spontaneous exhilaration and expressing itself in action – something capable of making those around us smile too.

Happy Friday, good people, and don’t forget to Celebrate the Small Things!

M. J.

Photo credits:  CST blog hop, M. J. Joachim (All Rights Reserved)
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