Monday, January 7, 2013

Effectively Human – a site about people

By M. J. Joachim
Effectively Human started out as an idea, a website dedicated to people…just people. One can only absorb so many “Save the whales!” and “Save the trees!” messages, before considering the imbalance that might be taking place in our society.

Nothing against saving whales and trees, mind you. I appreciate both, admiring their beauty and acknowledging the multitude of lessons learned from them.

However, as a person, it seems a little insensitive to dwell on whales and trees, when clearly humans spend way too much time and energy killing each other, oftentimes on a much larger scale than whales and trees. Just wander back through the pages of history, if you don’t believe me. Heck! Just look at the millions of babies LEGALLY slaughtered each day, throughout the world!

For whatever reason, we see fit to judge our neighbor, casting him lower than ourselves. In the grand style of humanity, we exercise our pecking order rights, diminishing the rights of those who have just as many rights as we do.

As if that weren’t enough, those people who get beaten down so well, often turn on themselves, replaying the messages of not belonging and being outcast, all the while progressively piling on the loathing of self-hatred for everyone to see.

The repercussions of such societal behaviors wreak havoc. We can scarcely agree to disagree anymore, let alone remain civil toward those who don’t see the world as we do.

Enter the age of the Internet, and let’s just shove our messages BOLDLY into everyone else’s face!

I’m not buying it, good people! I’m not buying it!

People matter! He counts! She counts! You count! I count! They count! We count!

Oh, I may not agree with everything you say to me, and I may think you’re off your rocker more times than you’d ever know, but I believe in you, and I trust in the human spirit that expresses your ideas and beliefs so beautifully! I will fight for you. I will use my talents to remind you that, regardless of how many differences we have, we’re all human first, and we can work together to achieve a greater good!

That’s all for now, dear people J

M. J.

©2013 All Rights Reserved
Photo Credit:  Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain