Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Food Wars

by M. J. Joachim
The water will kill you
Don’t eat too much salt
Food is the culprit
Of that there’s no doubt

There’s mercury in tuna
Salmonella in the field
Mad cows are causing turmoil
Nothing can quite shield

Chickens caught the flu
Eggs won’t be the same
Higher prices for our nourishment
Is this some kind of game?

Then there are plastic bottles
We’ve invested to the hilt
Now we can’t get rid of them
After everything we’ve built

Don’t microwave that frozen meal
Or drive through that corner store
Every time I go to eat
They warn me a little more

I’m tired and I’m hungry
I’m afraid but don’t know why
They’ve changed their minds
A thousand times
In the end I still must die

But should I do it painfully
From eating poisoned food
Or will I do it naturally
Starvation might be good

Photo credit: National Archives & Records Administration
©2013 All Rights Reserved