Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Laugh a Little…

by M. J. Joachim
I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling the need to laugh a little more lately. Seems like everyone is being so serious all the time, myself included. Facebook has turned into an activist nightmare … at least for a few people brave enough to say so in their statuses.

I sign on and stroll through the posts…

There are always those semi-aligning with my political philosophy and personal beliefs. There are those pleading for a way to find peace. More than a few posts declare war on their ailments. Others truly believe they can fix the world and every problem in it, if only people would share their messages far and wide.

Like-minded people, but who do we really know that is like-minded 100% of the time – not even our spouses or children, to be sure?

Instead of grumbling that the dog managed to squeeze his way onto my pillow again this morning, I giggled that I slept too soundly to notice, before I could boot him to the foot of the bed. This, even while waking up with a minor headache…which quickly disappeared with a good, strong cup of coffee, I might add. J

We people are strange and habit-forming creatures! We love our pets, voice our opinions and hope to be loved more than any other desire we might have.

It’s there for the taking – love is!

Simply let go...

Smile, laugh and be okay with it – whatever it is!

Change the camera lens already! Rose is a beautiful color!

It takes time to make a good loaf of bread…

Given the choice, would you really eat a big mac instead?

That’s all for now, good people!
Until next time, I wish you laughter and peace J

M. J.

©2013 All Rights Reserved
Photo Credit:  Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Attribution, Gaspirtz