Sunday, January 27, 2013

Managing Expectations

by M. J. Joachim


They’re much different from goals, these self-imposed stress factors.

Goals after all, are desired results, while expectations are promises – and we all know what they say about promises. A person is only as good as their word.

The question to ask is, “why do we make promises to ourselves?” What purpose do they serve, other than to point us toward our goals? Are we incapable of reaching those goals, without adding a promise to them? Will our lives suddenly implode, if we recognize the need for less stress and more flexibility?

Believing strongly that something will happen is quite a bit different from promising to make it happen. Trusting in a certain result or reaction – all of which can be applied to the definition of the word “expectation,” is by far less stressful than so many of us lead ourselves to believe.

Having expectations for ourselves and others isn’t a bad thing. How we exercise our emotions pertaining to those expectations, can and will impact the world around us. Managing expectations, as opposed to forcing them, is a much healthier alternative, than letting our expectations control our behavior.

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Photo credit:  Expectation vs. Demand Dynamic by Cretog8, Creative Commons Attribution License
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