Monday, February 25, 2013

Sleep Talking & Sleep Walking – What’s Your Take on the Subject?

by M. J. Joachim

One of our followers here on Effectively Human, Mimi from Magical Mystical Mimi, has posed an interesting question for all of us. I don’t personally have a lot of information on this particular topic and would like to open it up to you. Please share your experiences and insights relating to sleep talking and sleep walking in the comments.

Is Mimi’s experience unique or do a lot of people get in trouble for sleep talking? What types of things do you say, and when you walk, where do you go?

I have talked in my sleep since I was a child, in fact, everyone in my family except for my mom, talks in their sleep. My dad used to answer people on the t.v. when he was sound asleep on the couch, and my children talk in their sleep! A few of us are also sleep walkers. Fortunately I've never strayed too far in my night time journeys. I've woken up in the shower.  Fully clothed in my pajamas… Can't say it's my favorite way to wake up. I've had the occasional trip to the kitchen to pour myself a glass of milk, minus the glass. Yeah, mopping a floor at 3am, not fun. And, I've woke up on the couch in the living room a few times. Nothing too dangerous. The danger came when my very Italian dad with the hearing of a bat, found me in the kitchen, pouring milk into my imaginary glass a.k.a the kitchen floor, and shouted "What the hell are ya' doing?!" Apparently he missed that part in the medical text books about not waking a sleep walker... As I got older the sleep walking became almost non-existant but the sleep talking stays with me to this day. 
When I was married I can't tell you the number of times my husband would wake up so irritated because I had been talking in my sleep alllll night and it wasn't necessarily the talking that bothered him, it was what I was talking about. In the many nights of sleeping side by side with my beloved now known as the jackass I had apparently mentioned the names of several men. Of course I never have any clear recollection of my sleep talking, which I tried to explain to my husband but it didn't matter. My husband was certain I was dreaming of other men and then would question me as to whether or not I was having an affair! Please. Four kids and ONE husband is about all this woman can handle! My husband would tell me the names of my "imaginary lovers," some of them I had no idea about, I didn't know a Dan or a Victor. Others were the names of old boyfriends and those were of course the ones he was upset about. Old boyfriends, married with families of their own living in totally different states!
So here's my question:
Should a person be responsible for what they say when they are clearly sleeping???
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M. J.
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