Friday, February 1, 2013

Small Things…Like Itty Bitty Kidney Stones...

It’s about celebrating the small things today…

First, and with a great big pat on my own back, I’m happy to say I made it through the final days of the excruciating pain of passing some kidney stones. I’ve had them for years, and can usually manage much better than this. However, this bout of stones produced massive (small things) and decided to completely torture my body – something it hasn’t done this severely in years. 

Refer to the recent article added to site in Memo section. It’s accurate. I know, because I live it. Footnote to article: Sleep comes easier with heating pad on belly. Stone Free is an amazing product to help break up stones and get them to pass. 

Bread is comfort food, and homemade bread always makes me feel better. Thus, you all got treated to a special bread recipe this week, thanks to kidney stones of all things. Guess I should be celebrating how wonderful it turned out. Glad I wrote the recipe down, because I’ll definitely be making that one again!

As much as I’m glad my hubby didn’t have to put up with me this week, I’m even more glad he’s getting home safely from a week long business trip, all the way on the other side of the world. I always miss that dear man so much when he’s gone! The weekend promises to be extra special, because as I’m sure you know, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Beautiful surprises always make me celebrate. Garden variety is grand! My snow peas are finally blooming, which means I’ll be eating them clear up until the beginning of summer, mostly right off the vine while I’m watering.

Last week I shared gorgeous sunrises. This week, I caught a couple of sunsets for you on my camera. Sun goes down quick this time of year, but after all the rain we had recently, the clouds have a way of making the darkness glimmer. I’m always celebrating Arizona skies. They’re big, bold, never-ending and positively beautiful!

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M. J.

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