Saturday, February 16, 2013

Smelling Up the Place on Effectively Human

by M. J. Joachim

The dog likes my pillow. I know that seems like a completely random statement to you, but it’s positively hysterical to me.

I’m the early riser around here. Shadow – the dog, gets up, goes out, eats breakfast and goes back to bed. He’s a little old man, and it’s just what he does.

Usually, he’ll sleep on the couch, especially during the week when there’s so much activity around here. On weekends, he inevitably ends up on my pillow.

This got me to thinking about smells, something dogs are so keen on; most people also have a thing about smells.

We often recognize each other by scent. It’s real and it happens. Our homes have a unique scent, specific to the foods we eat and products we use. If the garbage doesn’t get dumped in a timely manner, we remedy things in a hurry – not necessarily to get rid of the garbage – more likely to bring back our comfort zone of copious smells, we enjoy infiltrating our noses.

Anyone who’s ever had rotten potatoes in their pantry knows exactly what I’m talking about here. Pantries have been known to be torn apart, completely disheveled, to find that one little rascal that got away, and hid behind the oatmeal box when no one was the wiser. Moldy food in the fridge, same thing...

Like Shadow, we gravitate toward comfort smells. Think about it, and share your best or worst odor story in the comments. It’s time to smell up the place a little bit, so please don’t hold back!

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M. J.

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