Sunday, February 3, 2013

USA Humanity Goes Wild for Super Bowl Sunday

by M. J. Joachim
It’s Super Bowl Sunday here in the good old USA, the big finale of our football season – GO 9ers! (Simply had to get that in at the top of this post somewhere…)

Head-bangers (of the football variety), neurotic fans, a culture of die-hard diversity – the type you’d have to be a fan to understand.

I personally grew up with football. The seasons were shorter then…much shorter. The culture was just as rowdy, and if you weren’t one of the crowd, it was best to hibernate somewhere far from all the commotion.

I wasn’t one of the crowd for the longest time…little girl losing myself in storybooks and reading to my dolls. Made absolutely no sense to me at the time…

Then, when I was still in my twenties, the home team, the San Francisco 49ers went to the Super Bowl, not once, but two years in a row (1988 & 1989), with Joe Montana playing quarterback! Talk about getting energized and discovering the absolute bliss of being a football fan! Northern California – all of California, for that matter, was all ablaze with football fever like nothing I’d ever seen before!

Funny thing happened though. I went and finished growing up, moved to Arizona and raised a family. Just a few years ago, I was cheering on Kurt Warner and my cardiac Cards, when they made their way to the Super Bowl. They didn’t win, unfortunately; we still had one heck of a party, however, while they were playing!

Today, the house is divided. I’m a 9ers fan. Even when the 9ers play against the Cards, my vote is split and I’m happy no matter which team wins. My 17 year old son, he’s a Raven’s fan. My husband is playing it smart, by not saying much at all. He too is a football fanatic – got me back in the game, so to speak. Hard to focus on football to that extreme, when watching your little ones grow up is the highlight of your own personal life’s season.

The kids are fans now. I’m back in the game, learning more about football than I ever thought anyone would need to know. And I’m a 9ers fan. I’ll always be a 9ers fan!

Happy Sunday to you!

M. J.

Photo credit:  Alex Smith – 49ers QB 2009, John Martinez Pavliga, Creative Commons Attribution
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