Thursday, March 14, 2013

Welcome Spring on Celebrate the Small Things Blog Hop 031513

by M. J. Joachim

This blog hop is held courtesy of VikLit, our delightful host!

It is 84 degrees Fahrenheit outside and spring break this week. Yes, I’m celebrating. I’m celebrating a bountiful garden. I’m celebrating my young tree in the front yard – after losing all its branches in our freezing temps this winter, the little guy is sprouting new limbs this week. I’m celebrating daffodils and hyacinth bulbs blooming and hummingbirds in the backyard again. I’m celebrating changing seasons and preparations for a spring and summer garden. Time for peppers, squash, melon, berries and more…

Happy Friday, everyone! Thank you for visiting Effectively Human.

M. J.

Photo credit:  M. J. Joachim, All Rights Reserved
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