Thursday, April 4, 2013


by M. J. Joachim

Dignity – a word meaning worthy of honor and respect...

So simple really, to appreciate another human being, despite differences as they occur in turn. Yet, it is the essence of complicated misery, when put to the task, so easily dismissed in the quest of elevating oneself above another.

Contempt for those who are deemed “inhuman” for lack of a better word…

By whose standards? For such a question must be asked.

Should the homeless beggar, searching for food through trash cans be any less dignified than you or me? Should the woman who shops at thrift stores for new clothes be shunned for not wearing the latest fashions? Should the child be ignored for being hungry or appearing less intelligent than the others?

People die in these streets! (Without dignity, I might add.)

They die, alone and frightened, while people talk about caring for the poor.

What about the poor? Do all our words clang like empty boxes – boxes meant to shelter those sleeping on park benches, minding their own business, searching through garbage cans for food?

Oh sure! I write a good essay on the subject of dignity. Would that I spent as much time looking into the eyes of a stranger, offering basic needs to the homeless and hungry, if for nothing else, to prove that they’re as human as I’ll ever be and they deserve to be dignified, because contrary to popular opinion, they too are human beings deserving of a thing called dignity!

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M. J.

Photo credit:  Homeless in Frankfurt, Blackknight, Public Domain
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