Tuesday, April 9, 2013


by M. J. Joachim

Hope, the idea that no matter what happens, something good can and will come from it, is often the concept that keeps most of us going through times of adversity, struggle, hardship and turmoil. We believe, not because we have any reason to, but because if we don’t, the alternative might just be too bleak to bear.

Hope is different from faith. It is not believing in things even when common sense tells you not to, but rather aspiring to better things, because without a doubt, they exist and can become our reality, if only we break that glass ceiling insisting we look and never touch.

I am reminded of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – a little boy with hope. Oh, his chances were bleak at best, but he believed. And you know what? He broke the glass ceiling too, when he won and went with Willy Wonka in the great glass elevator.

I haven’t read either of these stories in years. As a child, they taught me a lot about hope. Where did you discover hope’s meaning and learn to trust and believe in the concept of hope?

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M. J.

Photo credit: Promise of Hope, Taran Wanderer, Public Domain
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