Thursday, April 11, 2013


by M. J. Joachim

One of the first things coming to my mind when considering the word “juxtaposition” is United States politics. I’m not a big fan of Democrats and Republicans playing games with our freedoms and monies in this country. I’m not a big fan of losing options in favor of political correctness and, in some instances, corruption.

Policies, rules and political foundations built on preconceived notions meant to scare the rest of us into submission. ILLEGAL immigrants demanding rights in our streets…there is a process for them to become legal here. The rules apply to me and every other legal American citizen. Hell, some rules prevent me from protesting and defending life too close to an abortion clinic, because (pro-choice lobbyists have the politicians by the short hairs) – I mean, it’s offensive to the people who work there. Yet, ILLEGAL immigrants get to demand rights without blinking an eye, while babies destined to be born American citizens get killed, while silent protesters pray and hold vigils hundreds of feet away from their doors. We’re not allowed to get any closer, you see. American freedoms must be protected, preserved and preyed upon.

Effectively Human is all about human dignity and integrity – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is about defeating oppression, standing up for the little guy and promoting respect for human life in each stage and phase of development. What it is not about is this rampant sense of entitlement people seem to have, this willingness to step on others to make a better life for oneself, this haughty, nose-snubbing, in-your-face attitude declaring – no, take that back – DEMANDING things, in the name of some imbalanced fairness ideology that merely repositions the goal line, and doesn’t even attempt to level the playing field.

You cannot sacrifice one group to save another. Citizens and politicians – juxtaposition, up close and personal.

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M. J.

Photo credit:  Declaration of Independence (picture of the day, July 4, 2009), John Trumbull (1746 – 1843), US – PD
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