Friday, April 12, 2013

Korea – A to Z Challenge & Celebrate Small Things Blog Hop

by M. J. Joachim

Korea is a divided nation, a place of clear hostility between the North and South. One country, North Korea, worships their leader (under duress) from a regime based on power, brainwashing and fear. They have no Internet there, nor do they allow outsiders to see them in their natural setting.

Recently, I watched a documentary about North Korea. It was about an eye doctor on a mission to bring sight to as many impoverished countries as he could. He had a staff – an undercover crew created the documentary, hoping not to get caught in the process.

The contrast between North Korea and South Korea was astonishing. Everything was carefully monitored in North Korea. People were orchestrated like marionettes, military was Disciplined with a capital “D.” Conversation was closely scrutinized. In one scene, the photographer – acting like a tourist, lay down and took a picture of a statue of their leader. He had to lie down to fully capture it, because the image was larger than life. His guide reprimanded him severely, threatened to make him leave the country for such a display of dishonor to their “Eternal Leader, President Kim Jong Un.” He is thought of as nothing less than a god. In another clip, a park bench was preserved under glass, because Kim Jong Un sat on it as a child.

Indeed, people who had their sight restored, after being blinded for many, many years, bowed down to a picture of their ruler, praising him (not the doctor who restored their vision), for their miracles. These are people who live in poverty and are severely neglected. Basic needs do not get met – footage shows empty streets in the city, poverty stricken landscapes where people live in huts and on the land in the county side.

North Korea is a regime that has been working in the dark for far too long, a land of dictatorship and unpredictability. Their leader is the third generation, a 30 year old man, who vows to harm America and anyone standing in his way. Hatred runs deep in his veins.

It appears Korea will be at war with itself (North vs. South) in the very near future. Unconfirmed sources indicate this is already the case. Sources also express concern that North Korea will declare war on the USA, Japan and many other countries that might pose a threat to Kim’s agenda. They also imply that North Korea will work with terrorists and other enemies to achieve its goals.

A reign of terror is about to be unleashed in our world. We will hear bits and pieces, negotiated for maximum effect and minimal concern on our parts. It is our duty and responsibility to pray and be diligent in our own right, to discern what we hear in the news and balance it with various sources, covering it from many angles. We can’t prevent loose cannons from exploding in our midst. However, we can keep our wits about us and work together for the good of all if and when such terrible things might happen.

Celebrate the Small Things Blog Hop

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Photo credit:  Satellite image of Korea, Jeff Schmaltz, NASA, Public Domain; North & South Korea maps, CIA, Public Domain
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