Monday, April 15, 2013

News – Boston Marathon 2013

by M. J. Joachim

Please join me in lighting a candle, offering a moment of silence and/or a prayer, for all those affected by this tragic moment in history.

I can’t put my feelings into words right now. My gut hurts, my head hurts and my heart hurts. Whatever happened to the America I once knew, a place with orchards, beaches, festivals, innovations, education, strength and endurance, a place where Americans knew the people in this country were all one, regardless of our differences?

I know what it’s like to be afraid. I’m not feeling fear. I’m feeling like my home and the place where I belong is slowly slipping away from me. I’m feeling abandon, displacement and helplessness – NOT hopelessness.

For America is still the beacon of hope for the entire world. We are still a country whose people believe and stand up for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We are still a nation of misfits, perfect fits and everything in between. Ours is not to buckle under pressure, but fix the pressure valve. It’s what we’ve always done in the past, what we will continue to do today and what we must do for our future.

Who cares if we are popular? We are America! Let the crazies shake their heads. Let the terrorists (home grown and/or foreign) plan their destruction. Let the idle sit by and do nothing. The patriots will stand guard, because we know in the deepest part of our beings, we are America, one nation under God!

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M. J.

Photo credit:  The Great Gulf from Jewell Trail, Paulbalegend, GFDL
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