Friday, April 26, 2013

Wiggle Room + Celebrate the Small Things

by M. J. Joachim

Wiggle room is something we all need to feel free to give ourselves at any given time. It’s a gift, but oftentimes, it is also a necessity. Take for example this A – Z Challenge so many of us are playing.  I entered five blogs; the only reason I’ve been able to keep up at all is because I’ve given myself some much needed wiggle room.

It was important to create draft posts for at least two of my blogs, so all I’d have to do is click and publish each day. I chose Writing Tips and Being Catholic, developing themes and creating posts months in advance. All posts on these blogs were kept short, with no wiggle room in that regard.

Writing Tips has a strict format: riddle, tip, word of day. It’s light, fun and easy for visitors to interact. Being Catholic explored various types of catholic music, using Youtube videos as a main feature. Each song begins with the letter of the day and is introduced with a short paragraph discussing everything from history to when the song is played in our faith. At times I shared personal tidbits about being exposed to the song; as a cradle catholic, this was easy to do.

I wasn’t about to pre-post Lots of Crochet Stitches, which primarily consist of crochet tutorials. I made flowers for the challenge – the kind you put in vases, similar to silk flowers only mine are crocheted. Each post has numerous steps and pictures, making them difficult to draft beforehand.  My original designs are kept in a notebook and my photos are organized in files – all of these were prepared well in advance of the challenge, making it much easier to create my posts in turn.

My other two blogs, this one – Effectively Human (essays on humanity) and FlashTyme (a collection of short stories) are writing blogs, something I give myself wiggle room to do almost daily. As much as I enjoy hopping, writing must remain part of my routine. When you enjoy something that much, you incorporate it into your daily life out of necessity.

Throughout the challenge, I gave myself wiggle room. There were days I found it important to slow my hopping pace, by truly enjoying and engaging in the blogs I visited. I simply couldn’t hop like a madman on those days. I wanted to absorb what I’d read and appreciate it. There have been days when comments on my own blogs blew me away. So I stepped back and took the time to appreciate so many people slowing down and appreciating my blogs. There were days when hopping like a madman was necessary; I did it for hours on end visiting more blogs in a single day than I thought possible. That was thrilling!

Suffice to say I’m celebrating. I’m celebrating a challenge taken and a challenge soon to be complete. I’m celebrating all of you who make the A – Z Challenge one of the best challenges going. I’m celebrating doing my best on all of my blogs and seeing the finish line just a short distance away. What a ride this year! Thank God for the gift of wiggle room!

Thank you for visiting Effectively Human.

M. J.

Photo credit:  Stereo wiggle 3D, Public Domain; M. J. Joachim (©2013 All Rights Reserved)
©2013 All Rights Reserved