Saturday, April 27, 2013

X & XY Chromosomes

by M. J. Joachim

Ah, the wonderful world of X and XY chromosomes! It’s a girl! It’s a boy! We develop from one x chromosome given by the mother and another chromosome (either x or y) given by the father. His role is difficult to deny once you look at it that way. After all, dear old dad is the determining factor in whether or not little baby offspring will become a son or daughter.

Stroke the egos already! There are far too many deadbeat dads who have no idea how much they really matter to their children. It’s not only about providing basic needs like food, shelter, clothing and education, although these come with the territory too no doubt. It’s about being dad, father, role model, mentor – you know, the one guy who makes a difference in a child’s life because no one else can fill his shoes. No one else donated the X or Y – the actual what and why to the growing family unit.

Moms, you’ve carried the load (of crap) on this for far too long. You’ve picked up the slack, brought home the bacon, fried it up in a pan and never let him forget he’s a man. You’ve put another log on the fire, cooked him up some bacon and some beans, gone out to the car and changed the tire, before finally finding time to wash his socks and sew his old blue jeans. (Thank you Waylon Jennings for such insightful words on women’s lib.)

Then you’re expected to birth and raise his X and Y Chromosomes all alone too! Get out of here! It’s 2013 and Dad had just as much to do with bringing those little munchkins into the world as you did!

So take a breath mom! Not a deep one either. It’s time for a new women’s lib movement, the one that says it’s okay to quit being super woman. You don’t have to do it all alone and you have nothing more to prove. The old women’s lib movement is sexist, and it’s against women. Husbands and fathers don’t need mommies. They need to act like the men they’re supposed to be. It’s not your fault if they don’t. And guess what? Even if they don’t, you still don’t have to do it all, and you certainly never have to do it all alone!

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M. J.

Photo credit:  X and Y Chromosome PAR1, Steffen Dietzel, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported
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