Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Human Emotions

by M. J. Joachim

Happy is relative. There are situations, events and other things that try to interrupt or take away our happiness. Happiness is a state of mind, so even though bad things happen, they can’t necessarily mess with our psyche unless we let them.

Tell that to the person suffering from chronic illness or facing a death sentence from their doctor. Tell that to the abuse victim hoping to survive one more round – escaping the SOB isn’t even on her mind. She’s only trying to get from one moment to the next, and hoping she’ll be lucky enough to minimize the blows. Tell that to the kid who accidentally ran a red light and killed his best friend when the car crashed.

No one is happy all the time. Everyone is happy some of the time. The most we can hope for and the best we can do is trust there will be happy moments, however brief or unending they might be, woven throughout our lives.

Human emotions are funny that way. They are not constant or things to be counted on. They are responses to stimuli that come from numerous sources and in a variety of ways. We are not programmed like robots. One person’s response or reaction to a given situation will be completely different from someone else’s.

This is as it should be to create balance and controversy in our lives. Balance and controversy cause feelings and emotions to surface; without feelings and emotions we are numb, lightweight buoys floating through the ebbs and tides of life with no direction, point of reference or destination.

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M. J.

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