Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Meddling and Gossip

by M. J. Joachim

People often take a superior stance and meddle into each other’s affairs. They make accusations, pass judgments and gossip – sometimes in an effort to make themselves look better, more often than not because they’re bored and find it much more fun to point fingers than to live their own lives and worry about their own affairs.

This poem came about while I was considering the effects of meddlesome people and the gossip (lies and rumors, really) they spread. It is completely inappropriate, harmful and callous behavior that many humans employ when in reality they should be doing everything they can to avoid behaving like such idiots in the first place. You read it here. Meddlers definitely qualify as idiots in my book.

Meddlesome Behavior

How easy it is to point to another and claim they have no right to live. Their very existence makes everyone shudder, regardless of all that they give. The love that they offer is only a joke. They’re nothing but ill-gotten goods. Because they’re not like you or what you might want, usefulness valued at useless.

Casting aside, pointing fingers and blame, to those who would stand by your side, knowing full well they know this game, it’s only your treacherous pride. Claiming another to conquer – defeat, a person to beat down so low. All they can see is you’re not so sweet, you’re the menace who’s striking the blow.

Bitter encampment, boundaries dismissed – a vague recollection of joy. Once you were loving, despite all the world, now you’re deceived by those horns. Opulent oppression, mighty and loud ways, stepping up to fix you so no one else pays. Calling on the forces, drafting clever lies, hidden in those love words which are a thin disguise.

You’re not alone. You’re not to blame. You’re simply who you are. No right or wrong or in between, a person in this world. You don’t stand tall over anyone, though some might beg to differ. Conversational words twisted and turned, de facto villainous title. Do not give in, nor stand and fight. For they have sunk too low. Simply live with all your might and let your spirit soar.

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Photo credit:  Proverbs, Pieter Brueghel the Younger (1564 – 1638), Public Domain
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