Thursday, October 31, 2013

Celebrating Home

By M. J. Joachim

I’m a day early for Celebrate the Small Things today. However, I’ve been a little under the weather this week (nothing serious - certainly nothing to worry about), and have no idea what tomorrow will bring. My thoughts are all about home, what it is and what it means to build a legacy, a place of comfort, peace, memories, complete with struggles, successes and all things reminiscent of everything it entails.

We’ve been spending a lot of time fixing the place up lately, especially in the back yard. I have a million and one ideas – nothing new there, where I can literally picture the progress well before the labor and funds are allocated to each given project. There’s a sense of nostalgia, as I recall vivid memories of the kids growing up here.

This is home, the place where I’ve felt warmth, safety and unspeakable joy. It’s my refuge, my hideout and my longing – not because of the walls and decorations, but because of the life that grows and thrives here, a family that stands together, making this place everything a home is supposed to be. 

I’m happy here, even in the darkest of times – all families have their baggage, mine is certainly no exception. It’s how we handle that baggage, what we do with it, and how we refuse to let it define us or linger past the moment – admittedly, sometimes those moments are precariously extensive, but they are never allowed to rewrite who we are as a unified group who loves each and every member unconditionally. 

Do whatever love requires. That’s a tall order spoken by Mother Teresa. It’s one of the best things I strive for, though I fail more often than I’d like to admit. We all do, and if we let them, those failures will ruin us, causing bitterness and anger to destroy the very fabric we so intentionally weave to make us who we are, and bring us all together as loving and caring members of the same family and bloodline. 

Home is special. Real home, honest to goodness love, honor, respect and gratitude for each other are hard to come by. None-the-less, they are worth pursuing every minute of every day. There’s enough wickedness in this world to drag down every single one of us if we let it. Home should be a sanctuary against such things, a place where evil stops in the street, unable to impose itself even at the edge of our driveways. 

What does home mean to you, and how do you celebrate it where you live? How do you celebrate your family?

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M. J. 

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