Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Accidental Gluten Dose for Gluten Intolerant People

By M. J. Joachim

Many of you might remember I went gluten free last July. It was an educated, if undiagnosed decision, based on family history and genetics. A couple of my siblings who have been diagnosed warned me, if I ever had gluten again I would pay severely, especially if I truly am gluten intolerant.

Well, it finally happened. I’ve been so extremely careful too. The ingredient list was nuts, canola oil and salt. The company makes numerous products, most that aren’t gluten free, but I’ve been so lucky I thought for sure this wouldn’t be a problem, and didn’t double check on the web. Turns out, Frito Lay might have a few cross contamination issues with their food.

Within 20 minutes I was doubled over and cramping like nobody ever should. Multiple races to the bathroom, all with continuous, non-stop cramping. A few tears silently slid down my cheeks, because the pain was definitely that bad.

My husband rushed to the rescue with warm green tea and a pain pill in hand. Thank God!!! Thank you so much, my knight in shining armor!!! You were more than a little effectively human plus for coming to my rescue like you did!!!

By the next morning, I was still a little green, but doing a whole lot better.

The moral of the story for those with gluten intolerance…

Read the ingredients, but also do the extra research on the company. It takes only a moment to double check for cross contamination, and it has the power to prevent an absolute evening of hell. Of course you can always stick to certified gluten free foods too. Simply look for the certification on the label.

Thank you for visiting Effectively Human. Computer woes have finally been solved, so I’ll be seeing you again real soon!

M. J.

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