Friday, November 22, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things 112213 + Links

By M. J. Joachim

Thanks to VikLit for hosting this hop.
Today I’m celebrating the rain. We don’t get much of that in here in AZ, so this is a much needed and welcome sight. Just in time for Thanksgiving too – it should be cleared out by Saturday, and dry enough to enjoy our outdoor living on turkey day, complete with clear, clean air.

I’m also celebrating wonderful blog posts for the Holiday Food Drive Blogfest. Tina Downey from Life is Good and I have had so much fun. It looks like this will be an annual event, so get ready to join us next year, if you didn’t already feel inclined to join us this year. Hey, there’s still time to share your info on your blogs – you can even add your name to the link list. Yes, the hop is over, but I’m still visiting participants and promoting their posts. If there’s a new blog on the list, you can bet I’ll be stopping by and thanking you for taking part in this exciting endeavor.

Hubby has the entire week off next week, so I’m celebrating family time. My brother will be visiting from Washington State. Let the games begin. We have a bit of a friendly rivalry to see who becomes the new Monopoly and Risk champion every year. He’s convinced he’ll get his title back, but there are a few of us determined to make it our own. 

Bloggers and blogs of special note this week are: Shannon Lawrence from The Warrior Muse. Get the links, learn about interesting phenomenon and engage in intriguing conversation. David Powers King, one of the hosts of Cheersfest, excellent reviews and ultimate welcoming hosts to new visitors/followers of his blog. Mark Koopmans, host of 50 States of Pray, all around good guy, sharing cover reviews, blog hops and more all around Blog Land.

Other than that, I crocheted my first doggie sweater, complete with blog tutorial on how to make it this week. Plus I’ve reviewed three new books this week on my Writing Tips blog, with another book nearly 1/2 read and waiting to be reviewed in the near future. 

Here’s to an enjoyable weekend for everyone and a very safe and happy Thanksgiving. Thank you so much for visiting Effectively Human today!

M. J. 

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