Friday, November 15, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things, Blogging & Google Sites

By M. J. Joachim

It’s another episode of Celebrate the Small Things blog hop, hosted by VikLit

I’m celebrating making a few decisions this week. I’m a blogger – that’s the kind of writer I want to be. However, I’ve also played around with making a few websites. Two are published, the one that goes with this blog and Lots of Crochet Stitches.

Making websites started out as an experiment, something new to try with my blogging. I was more than a little intimidated, which is why I stuck with Google sites. I figured if they were as easy as Blogger, it would be a win/win. It was too, and will continue to be. But Google changed the rules with their sites recently. They don’t let you include ads on new pages, because too many of their sites were spammy apparently, or so it said in a couple of articles I read a short time ago.

Mine weren’t – aren’t. The two I was building and haven’t published yet aren’t. They contain quality content that I spend hours on for each new page. I’m not sure I like the idea of being penalized for what other people do. I’m also not inclined to rebuild these sites with another host. 

So, I’m celebrating simplicity, making decisions and having a few more blog posts already written. Blog posts are so much easier to format and publish anyway. I needed to press the easy button on this one. Otherwise my content might never get shared, and that was the purpose of making websites in the first place. See Lee’s post for more insight into my madness on this one. 

Speaking of which, I’m celebrating Lee. If you’re reading this by chance, I want you to know that you inspire me, kind sir. Your posts about making the world a better place with our blogging, I took you up on that. I believe what you said, and as much as I’m able and the words I type lend themselves to it, I want to follow your advice.

Klahanie is another amazing blogger I’m celebrating today. You’re so kind and your energy lifts my spirit. Of course it doesn’t hurt that I’m a dog person either. Penny is a hoot! Having you as a friend in Blog Land is pawsitively wonderful. 

It only seems fitting to celebrate the poetic master of satire, while I’m rambling on a much longer than seems fit for a blog hop post. Pat Hatt and his rhyming cat keep me on my toes and make me giggle. Oh sure, it’s a little raw at his mat, but more times than not, his posts are on spot, and the way he hits his bulls-eye is sure to make you laugh until you cry. 

Yes, I’m celebrating today, and wishing you all a wonderful weekend too! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll come again real soon.

M. J. 

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