Monday, December 16, 2013

Nelson Mandela Spurs on Thoughts for Pro-Life

By M. J. Joachim

You don’t need me to tell you the contributions Nelson Mandela made to society. They’re expressed everywhere across the board. He was a man people and government declared was unworthy of life, a man doomed to be put down, before he could make the necessary impact on our world, so many of us needed to understand about human rights and dignity, a man who beat the odds, and change our world for the good of all.

I ask the questions…

How many Nelson Mandelas were deprived of life, before they even had the chance to be born? What powerful contributions might they have made to our society? How many more will be snuffed out – prebirth, before we effectively defend the right to be born, and save the babies being killed in our midst?

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M. J. 

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Photo Credit: South Africa The Good News, Nelson Mandela, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0