Thursday, January 9, 2014

Regarding a Father’s Rights and the Right to be Born

By M. J. Joachim

The discussion started last month when my son turned 18. He has rights now, you know. He can vote, buy tobacco, call in and dismiss himself when he’s absent from school. Which is why his comments caught me by surprise. These things are all well and good, but his thoughts went much deeper, to places we might all venture, considering their impact on our society.

“I have all these rights,” he said. “But I still can’t save my own child, if a girl gets pregnant and wants to have an abortion.” Mind you, he’s never been in this situation. The thought just weighs heavy on his heart. Many of his friends feel the same way. They know that they have no rights, when it comes to saving the life of a child from abortion, not even their own. And it scares them. It hurts them deeply to think of the many children who never had a voice, even from their own fathers, because women (girls in this case) have the right to choose, leaving no room for anyone else to have a say, regardless of their relationship to the child.

Then this week I met Alex through a poetry blog hop. It renewed my energy to write this post, a post that has been simmering in my soul, since that thought provoking conversation with my son. 

Alex is a 23 year old, self-proclaimed aspiring human being. He is also an abortion survivor. I’ll never be able to relate the beauty of his voice the way he can, so instead I simply want to share the link to his poem on his blog. This young man has a story to share, one that will hopefully touch your heart and give new meaning to the word, “survivor.”

Alex’s poem, AWalk with Fate.

I hope you take time to get to know Alex, and I encourage you to follow his blog. 

Thank you for visiting Effectively Human today. May we all have a voice that is never silenced by the rights of other human beings.

M. J.

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Photo credit: Meutia Chaerani, A Newborn Baby (with umbilical cord ready to be clamped), GNU Free Documentation License