Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Common Thread among #49ers, #Leno & the #Olympics

By M. J. Joachim

I missed Celebrate the Small Things last week. I was supposed to be celebrating. I did celebrate, but the truth is I was a little bummed about the whole thing – until my husband said, “Finally, a 49er I can support!” Wail! I mean, well, as a die-hard 49er fan, all I could do was laugh…and let my family spoil me rotten, which they did.

Jay Leno celebrated his last Tonight Show last week. I was a huge fan of Jay, until that whole Conan scandal plagued him. I quit watching the Tonight Show when Conan took over, and never quite got back into it when Jay came back. I’d always thought Jimmy Fallon should have gotten it instead of Conan anyway, and now he has, so I’m sure I’ll be watching more of the Tonight Show again.

The Olympics are one of my favorite sporting events. Summer or winter – doesn’t matter. I enjoy watching the athletes compete for their countries against each other. I also enjoy getting great coverage on some sports besides football, baseball and basketball.

More importantly, I like watching the human spirit in action. Real people play the roles that make the Olympics possible. It was touching to see Putin reach out to athletes and express human sentiments recently. It is frightening to see any competitor lose their footing and crash off course, or break their helmet in a fall. It is freeing to see two Canadian brothers prove that the Olympics is more about people, than it will ever be about countries vying for the gold.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting today. I’ll see you again soon.

M. J.

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