Friday, March 14, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things 031414

By M. J. Joachim

Sleep is so important, especially when you’re feeling a bit rundown or exhausted. I guess the extreme temps from my trip finally caught up to me. Going from negative temps to 80’s is not an easy adjustment on the body.

I’m celebrating sleeping a lot yesterday. I woke up with much more energy today, and am feeling so much better.

I’m also celebrating getting quite a bit of cleaning done this week. Though my home will likely never be completely spotless (we like the lived in look), 15+ loads of laundry later, clean bathrooms and clutter put away sure can make a difference.

There are other things I need to focus on – email, blogging and responsibilities. By the end of the weekend…I want to do some spring gardening this weekend, planting a few veggies and flowers. I miss my garden, and winter was so warm, none of the plants filled in like they might have, had the temps been more conducive to their needs.

That’s a small window into my celebrations this week. What are you celebrating?

Special thanks to VikLit for hosting this hop.

M. J.

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