Friday, March 28, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things 032814

By M. J. Joachim

Good morning to my all my wonderful blogger friends out there! It’s time for another edition of Celebrate the Small Things, hosted by VikLit.

Today I’m celebrating lots of reading and writing this week. I’ve been feeling a little buried with so many book review requests piling up, so I’ve worked hard to read, write and schedule several reviews for my Writing Tips blog, many that will go live during the A – Z Challenge.

Speaking of the A – Z Challenge, I’m celebrating nearly 1,800 sign-ups. Oh, but I’m eager to see 2,000, so please, please, please – share this post, spread the word, invite every blogger you know and let’s do what we can to reach my personal goal. Only 5 more days and the big Challenge begins! C’mon! We can do this! Big final push for sign-ups begins now!

I’m also celebrating the Can’t Follow on Blogger, aka Follow Me blog hop I started this week, in response to Blogger’s error messages for so many of us who can no longer follow blogs via the traditional Blogger platform. Hey, it’s just one more way to follow the blogs you know and love.

Other than that, it’s Friday. Need I say more?

Thank you for visiting and commenting on Effectively Human today. I do hope to see you in the Challenge next month.

M. J.

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