Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Letters to Self: Dealing with Negative People

Letters to Self is a Self-help series written by M. J. Joachim, designed to encourage and promote healing and self-awareness for those who read it.

Dear Self,

Negative people suck the life from others, just like weeds strangle healthy plants in the garden. They wear on you, dragging you down, stealing from the good you seek and do. Your task therefore, is to distance yourself from their fury. Subtle as it may be sometimes, that’s exactly what it is, a constant course of reproach, bad karma and ill feelings inflicted on you and others, in a misguided attempt to raise themselves up and feel better.

Sometimes negativity is nothing more than a bad habit. We all face difficult times in life. When those times are prolonged, or one bad thing seems to happen after another, it’s easy to become negative in our own right. Don’t be too hard on yourself if and when this happens. Recognize it and make the necessary adjustments to change it.

As for hanging out with negative people, minimize your time with them. Be the willing friend (or relative) who is a sounding board if you must, but don’t allow them to engage you in their ways or feel bad about yourself for not being negative too. People who choose to be negative all the time are not looking to be anything else. They are simply buying into the erroneous philosophy that misery loves company. You’re better than that. Invest in positive thinking and the results will take you where you need to go.



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