Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Letters to Self: Give Yourself a Break!

Letters to Self is a Self-help series written by M. J. Joachim, designed to encourage and promote healing and self-awareness for those who read it.

Dear Self,

Give yourself a break already! So many people have opinions…

You know what they say about those!

So many people make assumptions…

There’s a reason someone made a joke about the word, “assume.”

Don’t take it to heart, take it with a grain of salt. More often than not, people doing these things are working on their own head trash, not trying to fix yours. Let it go and be good to yourself.

Seriously, you’re not as bad as the negative things anyone says or imposes on you. You’re just another human on the planet, trying to do the best you can, and hoping for a positive outcome. It’s there for the taking. Now reach out, grab on and enjoy the ride!



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