Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Letters to Self: A Mother's Love

Letters to Self is a Self-help series written by M. J. Joachim, designed to encourage and promote healing and self-awareness for those who read it.

Dear Self,

Moms are so important in our lives, perhaps the most important women we will ever know. Our bond with them is necessary, however imperfect it might be. Children crave the love of their mothers, adults deprived of that love as a child often suffer, releasing their pain in various ways. Few people remain unaffected by the loss of a mother’s love in their lives.

Ours is not a journey to solve the short-comings of our mothers, however. It is a quest to love them, regardless of the pain we may have suffered at their hands and in our hearts. No mother is perfect. No mother raises her children in the perfect home or environment. Mothers are as human as their children. They have their own head trash and lives to sort out, all the while trying to be attentive to those they bring into this world.

Some moms can’t do it. They leave deep scars on their children’s hearts, sometimes even wounds on their bodies. They neglect the very essence of motherhood, denying their children basic emotional and corporal needs. It hurts when this happens, but it need not destroy us.

Love your mother always, dear child, and remember you are a child not only of your mom, but of the universe. Forgive your mother for her short comings and faults. Be good to her, and show her the power of love between a child and mother, a power so great, no child would ever want for more, if only he knew how much he was loved by his mother.

God bless Mom,


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