Friday, April 18, 2014

Letters to Self: Practice Make Perfect

Letters to Self is a Self-help series written by M. J. Joachim, designed to encourage and promote healing and self-awareness for those who read it.

Dear Self,

Practice makes perfect, so why not practice praising yourself a little more often than you do. Certainly there are enough people willing to put you in your place. You definitely don’t need to be one of them. You have so many things to be proud of in yourself. Focus on these things more often and see the beauty in your soul.

I’m not telling you to become proud and arrogant here. I’m asking you to give yourself a break, and seek to be the “you” you were born to be. You are a treasure for this world. Don’t ruin it by becoming a monster. Simply find peace in your inner being, and practice being the you that provides peace for you and others, in turn making the world a better place.

I love you, Self. You’ve got everything you need to find peace and happiness within yourself. Practice bringing it out and sharing it with the world.



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