Saturday, April 26, 2014

Letters to Self: Wielding the Sword of Wisdom

Letters to Self is a Self-help series written by M. J. Joachim, designed to encourage and promote healing and self-awareness for those who read it.

Dear Self,

Whatever it is that’s been eating at you, now is the time to release it and let it go. There’s never been a better time to weave happiness into your soul than right now. You’ve weathered the storms, you’ve survived the wild ride of life so far, and you’ve landed on your feet, completely at one with who you are.

Okay, so you’re not quite convinced that you are at one with yourself yet, but clearly you can see you’ve landed on your feet. Maybe a little worse for wear than if you never had to face any trials at all, but where’s the fun in that? You know life is for the living. You had to know you’d win and lose a few battles on the way.

Perception is reality, remember? It’s up to you to perceive who you are and make peace with yourself in a positive light. No one else can do it for you. Whatever trials and obstacles you had to face, were only there to help you prove you are the master of your fate.

You make the decision to let your reactions and responses help or hurt yourself. Now that you’ve proven you are a survivor, it’s time to wield the sword of defiance in your own face, believing the wounds of the past can no longer hurt you.

I believe in you, and I know the wounds of the past can’t bind you. Won’t you believe in yourself too, and let it go.

Wonderfully happy to give wisdom a try,


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Photo credit: Jeremy Hawkins, A - Z Co-Host