Friday, May 16, 2014

Have You Ever? The Games People Play because They Can

by M. J. Joachim

Have you ever turned on your computer, performed an Internet search and wondered who’s tracking or staring back at you?

Have you ever held your cell phone a little further from your ear or put it on speaker, because it might cause health problems?

Have you ever watched your smart t.v. and wondered if it monitors your viewing habits?

Have you ever taken prescription drugs to treat symptoms, without worrying about the side effects?

Have you ever donated to cancer research, believing your donation could be the final amount that would actually find the cure?

Have you ever eaten fast food and believed there were any health benefits in it at all?

Have you ever scratched that bug bite on your arm, looked up similar pictures on the web, and decided you were bitten by a rare bug that could wreak havoc on your health, for months and possibly even years to come?

Have you ever visited medical web sites to query your “symptoms” and told your doctor what you think might be wrong with you, so he could follow your lead, instead of researching his own theories?

Have you ever become enraged or extremely concerned by a web posting being spread around, only to find out it was a hoax?

Have you ever been afraid to keep moving forward, because you’re inundated with so much information that stops you dead to rights in your tracks?

Have you ever eaten a fast food meal without thinking about the extra, useless pounds of fat, you were adding to your waistline?

Have you ever felt like something must be done about everything, because there’s so much wrong with everything else?

Have you ever asked about taking medicine, because you heard it had some possible miracle solutions you might need?

Have you ever muted a medicine commercial, because once you actually listened to all the possible adverse side-effects, you knew you’d be better off drinking a bottle of poison instead?

Have you ever multi-tasked on two or more Internet connected devices simultaneously, because it was easier to get everything done that way?

Have you ever searched the web for basic information that you probably already know, if you’d just take the time to think about it for a second?

Have you ever saved files, scanned for viruses and problems, updated software, downloaded apps, liked, commented or shared a post or status, and wished there was an easier way to stay informed and be in-tuned with society?

If you have answered yes to more than a few of these questions, you are socially & technologically up to date. I think I’ll go to a local park and sit on a swing for a while right now.

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Now turn off the screen, box, pad or whatever it is and find out what the weather is really like outside, without pressing the app button that will readily tell you, before you even take time to look out the window.

M. J. 

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Photo credit: Marlon Felippe, Impact of water in a water surface, GNU Free Documentation License

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