Monday, November 17, 2014

2nd Annual Holiday Food Drive

by M. J. Joachim

Everyone is invited and encouraged to help, so please spread the word about this! 

What? When? Where? Who?

2nd Annual Holiday Food Drive

December 4 - 6, 2014

Everywhere on the World Wide Web

Hosted by Effectively Human


To help fill our local food bank shelves, so as many people as possible can get the food they need.


Promote local food banks via sharing their websites on our social network sites, profiling them in our writing, sponsoring activities for them and volunteering to help them in any way we can.

For 3 days we want to saturate the web with anything food bank and hunger related to raise awareness about hunger and help feed those in need.


Because people are hungry, food banks need our support and we want to help.


The Back Story

Some of you may know I lost a dear friend this past summer. Her name is Tina Downey, and she was a woman with a heart of gold! She and I were more than Internet friends. We talked on the phone, exchanged emails and hoped to meet in person one day. Sadly, she passed away before that could happen.

Last year, Tina and I hosted the 1st Annual Holiday Food Drive on the web. We exchanged all sorts of emails about it, and of course we talked on the phone. She asked Jeremy to make our logo, because she and Jeremy were good friends too. This year, I asked Jeremy to make our logo and he happily obliged.

The thing is, Tina and I had big plans for this Annual Holiday Food Drive on the web. We talked about making it bigger and better every year, because no one should go hungry and food banks were running a bit low last year, having helped with a few other (then recent) major catastrophes. 

We asked our blogging community to write about local food banks, who they were, what they did, how they helped people. We also asked them to volunteer and help at these same places in any way they could, and share their stories about it on their blogs. 

The other day when I realized the holidays were almost upon us, I knew I couldn’t eliminate our Annual Holiday Food Drive from the rest of the festivities. I also knew I needed to make it bigger and better than last year, just like Tina and I had planned.


It’s a World Wide Web event this year! Anyone on the web can help and participate! That’s a whole lot of people when you think about it!

Our goal is to saturate the web for 3 full days, with all things food bank and feeding the hungry related. Use social networking to blast the Internet with anything that will help these groups fill their shelves and feed the hungry. Naturally we can donate food and volunteer too. As well we should. 

The main thing is to raise awareness and saturate the web with food bank information, articles about how people can help and volunteer, articles to raise awareness about people suffering from hunger. We don’t have to write them ourselves. If we find them on the web, all we need to do is share them.

I hope you’ll join us on December 4 - 6, when we blast the web with all things food bank and starving people related. I hope you’ll share this with your local news media, asking them to join us too. I hope we raise so much awareness, those food banks need to scramble to find enough trucks and volunteers, to distribute all the food we help collect to those in need. 

I know we’ll make a difference. Thank you in advance for all your efforts when you participate in this event.

M. J.

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