Monday, November 10, 2014

Health and Nutrition: Beets Can’t Be Beat!

by M. J. Joachim

Low in calories, high in nutrition, beets are being acclaimed as one of the latest super foods we should add to or increase in our diets. Beets are good for the blood, and what’s good for the blood can’t help but be good for the rest of the body. 

Think of all the things the blood does for us.

Low blood pressure is good, but so is increased energy when the blood is clean and flowing through our bodies without hindrance. Anyone with diabetes knows how energy levels can be compromised, and beets are believed to be beneficial to diabetic patients because of their antioxidant properties. Speaking of antioxidants, foods high in them are said to be advantageous in the fight and prevention of cancer too.

Thinking clearly, maybe even remembering things better, seems to be a common plus for eating your beets. Hey, you know good blood flow, with the right amount of oxygen makes all the difference in this department. I mean, think about all the other areas where good blood flow might be beneficial. Yes, I went there, but only because libido matters and beets are thought to be helpful in this regard.

Beets have been praised as a liver cleanser, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory for people with all sorts of ailments. They are high in natural nitrites (keyword being ‘natural’), “Beets, spinach and radishes all have naturally occurring nitrates, which will convert to nitrites during digestion in your body. These naturally occurring versions are not harmful to the body and are very safe when they are eaten with the wonderful natural antioxidants that beets and radishes also provide,” states Doctor Oz.

It only makes sense that the health food industry is capitalizing on the “New and Improved Benefits of Eating Beets.” Beet juice is a biggie, as are capsules, vitamins and organic powders, many which sell for a premium price. You don’t have to buy any of these, because beets are readily available at your local grocery store.

Beets can be pickled, canned, mashed like a potatoes and yams or boiled and sliced. Their tops can be added to salads or cooked like chard. Growing them is almost as easy as putting a seed in the ground and watering it, and their leaves make for beautiful greenery in the garden.

When I was young, I didn’t care too much for the taste of beets, but as I grew older, I often found them to be very delicious. Now I seem to crave them from time to time - more likely, my body is craving what it needs, and beets are the natural remedy for whatever shortage seems to be happening at the time. I buy mine fresh from the market with my other vegetables. They truly are a magnificent food, providing lots of health benefits to the body.

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M. J.

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