Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Our New Effectively Human Community

by M. J. Joachim

Slowly but surely I’m making the rounds on all of my blogs today. First up was a little ditty I posted on FlashTyme about my two favorite dogs. Next up was a post on Writing Tips about Just Being a Writer. All the while, I was feeling a little bit guilty for not posting to this blog first, because this is the blog that as of yesterday has its very own Google+ community

Unfortunately, I have to keep stepping away from my computer, because there is this very energetic moth playing on the inside of the window in front of my desk. I’m not fond of buzzing, flying critters when they get too close. It’s not like I want to kill it or anything. I just wish it would find a better place to play, like outside in the yard, perhaps!

This from the mom who helped her daughter save a cocoon, when I was tearing out some dead honeysuckle plants a few years ago. It was alive and science fair projects were starting, so we saved and nurtured the cocoon, watching the moth inside grow and break free. 

My daughter won first place for that one. It wasn’t as bad as buying and feeding her pet frog crickets. Oh, the things we do for our kids. Now my daughter is grown, the frogs are gone and the crickets are seasonal, entering the house from outside at will. My daughter is deathly afraid of them, which only causes laughter when we mention she used to pick out the biggest and juiciest crickets to purchase and feed to her frogs.

Community is a funny thing. Whether it’s intimate in families or cherished in friendship. People need each other. We need to live, work and play together, sharing our world and doing what we can in whatever small way, to make it a positive experience for all concerned. 

Our Effectively Human Community is very special to me. I know the people here are good, solid individuals who care about each other and the world around us. I know we will develop lasting and cherished friendships here, where we work together for a common cause, because being effectively human requires nothing less. We will share our stories, tears, fears and worries here. We will bond together as we try to help others. We will celebrate our successes, joys and blessings here. We will build each other up, tearing down the walls that threaten to divide and tear us apart.

It’s about us, because people matter. I look forward to getting to know you better in our Effectively Human Community. Thank you so much for being part of this wonderful journey!

M. J.

©2014 All Rights Reserved Photo credit: Leonardo Da Vinci, PD-US