Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Presenting Yourself in a Resume

by M. J. Joachim
Resumes are documents that represent the people behind them. Creating a resume that depicts an accurate portrayal of yourself when making your own resume is vital. You can use your resume to showcase confidence, drive and skills. More importantly, you can set yourself apart with your resume, giving you more opportunity to be noticed.

Be Specific When Listing Your Past Job History
Instead of generalizing your background in education, provide clear detail about what you did, including your exact job description. For example, you could list yourself as a teacher, or you can list yourself as a child development specialist for special education students. Details should be listed right in the title, and not delegated to your job description after the fact.

Keep Your Resume Focused
Use your resume to prove your ability to be detail oriented. Prospective employers will not take the time to sift through a bunch of job descriptions and words that don’t apply to the position you are seeking. Their first impression needs to be one that shows you know what they want and can easily deliver it.

Sell Your Skills in Your Resume
This is your opportunity to shine. You have one or two pages to let someone see you on paper. Make it count by using your bragging rights. You’ve earned them. All those accomplishments and awards need to be on display right there in your resume, especially if they match the job description you are applying for.

Study the Marketplace and Employers
Be knowledgeable about the jobs you are applying for. Research company histories, retail competitors, who else is applying for the same jobs, financial status, and everything else you can discover. Use this information to personalize your resume. You may even find out a prospective employer isn’t really a prospect for you in this process. Always do your homework to learn which companies are the best to work for.

Think Outside the Box
Employers want people who can generate new ideas and help their businesses grow. They need employees who are willing to brainstorm and try to make a difference. Most companies realize that for every ten ideas, only one will go the distance. Show your prospective bosses that you bring new ideas and energy to their firm. Let them know that you’re willing to work hard and try new things that will set them apart in the corporate world.

Develop an Active, Accomplishment Driven Image of Yourself
Write your resume in the present tense, showing that you strive for results now, not in the past. Energize your resume with relevant keywords that provide a sense of urgency to prospective employers, creating a defined sense of loss if they push your resume aside.

When you write your resume, be honest and bold about who you are. Avoid being “in your face”, but don’t sell yourself short either. Keep your resume as brief and to the point as possible. This document is a tool that will help you get the interview. Save some surprises for your face to face meeting where you will close the deal with a smile and a handshake.

Resume writing isn’t always easy. Hopefully these tips will help you make your resume shine. Speaking of sharing accomplishments, a friend of mine started a new craft blog. I’m over there showing you how to make beaded ornaments today, so if you’d like to learn some fun crafts, Craftie Annie has some very neat ideas and tutorials. Please check it out and give her some support with her brand new blog.

Only a few more days until Christmas…ah the rush of the season! Here’s hoping we all find time to breathe and enjoy it this year.

M. J.

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