Monday, December 15, 2014

The Creative Process and How You Can Improve Yours

by M. J. Joachim
Jack did it, and so did Ronald McDonald. Wendy even came along with square hamburgers. Before we knew it, we were plagued with fast food franchises on just about every corner, until Starbucks decided coffee was in order. All it took was a little creative thinking to change the appearance of our world.

Once we used to casually walk down Main Street. Then we began rushing in our cars from place to place, until the gas prices caught up with us, of course. A few brave people dared to face the elements again, pulling out those two wheeled contraptions known as bicycles. Others opted to try their hand at public transportation. And finally, there were those who chose to work from home.

It wasn't genius that inspired Gates to develop Microsoft into a multi-billion dollar company. Nor can credit be given solely to Obama for being elected the first black president of the United States. Opportunity and willingness to achieve greatness by thinking outside the box came into play, not just through the efforts of one mastermind, but with the participation of a team ready to challenge the norm.

Creative thinking is often an individual activity, but creative genius requires finesse. You must be willing to not only think outside the box, but act accordingly, as if your ideas are already the reality. There are risks involved, sure. What great obstacle should be avoided for fear of a few complications? You must decide your course of action, and then challenge the norm, in an effort to discover something better, by thinking outside the box. This requires gathering your troops of supporters who will help you achieve the ultimate goal.

Limiting yourself is defeat, and stifling your creative genius is never an option. You were born for this moment, whether it's to introduce square burgers or fancy coffee, influence the age in which we live, or be an actor on the world stage. Your time has come, and with the help of your supporters, you too can achieve greatness by thinking outside the box.

So how do you achieve the ultimate success in whatever you were born to do? Therein is the simplicity of the answer. You see, without your perseverance, and willingness to spend countless hours practicing the task you need to do, you will never be able to truly appreciate the creative process of your own personal genius.

Creative thinking is the beginning of something bigger. It is the seed that needs to be planted and grown. You will be able to achieve personal and financial success, just like those who started fast food restaurants, became leaders in the age of technology, and world leaders voted into office, if you take the time to practice your goals, join forces with your team, and think outside the limits of your own box.

Here’s to the creative genius in all of us!

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M. J.

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