Friday, January 30, 2015

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day - January 31, 2015

by M. J. Joachim

Tomorrow is the annual Inspire Your Heart with Art Day 2015 celebration. I discovered this day through the Patience Brewster Company. The idea behind the event is to get people to celebrate art. How one decides to celebrate art doesn’t really matter, though one of the goals is to fill art museums and craft shops with lots of visitors. However, being creative and making arts and crafts projects, along with blogging about art is also perfectly acceptable, as is attending the theater and concerts.

Art is all around us. I see it everywhere I look and create it in many of my activities during the day. Writing and blogging are art based for me. I paint pictures with words, design blog posts on five blogs and delve into the art world every day. I also garden on the open canvas of my back and front yard. Plus, I cook, making every attempt to make my dishes as beautiful as they are tasty. Presentation truly makes a difference and often makes a home much more welcoming and comfortable.

Crochet is one of my obvious art forms. Lately photography and video too. My daughter called me and encouraged me with my nature videos last night. She thinks they are pretty cool. You know what I think is cool? The awe-inspiring nature that made them possible. I was just the one with the cell phone taking the pictures, photos that might never be seen, without the help of something much beyond my comprehension taking place somewhere, out there.

So it is with art. We become inspired and use tools at our disposal to make new and interesting things. Someone once told me, we either create or destroy things in this life. To a certain extent, I agree. The rest of the time, we just move things around and change things up a bit. It’s one of the reasons I’m happy to participate in Inspire Your Heart with Art Day this year, because for as much as we create and destroy, sometimes it’s truly inspirational to reflect on the process that makes it possible to see beauty all around us.

Please consider this your invitation to participate in Inspire Your Heart with Art Day 2015. Leave a note in the comments if you plan to participate, and I’ll be sure to stop by and visit your blog.

All the best to you and yours! Have a safe and wonderful weekend and enjoy the Super Bowl this Sunday.

M. J.

©2015 All Rights Reserved Photo credit: Patience Brewster, Valentine Heart Girl Card, ©2015 All Rights Reserved