Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Children’s Programming Reviews

by M. J. Joachim

Some recent discussion with family, friends and neighbors has prompted me to watch and review some of the current children’s t.v. and movies parents allow their kids to watch, often without understanding the messages being presented to their kids.

People tend to trust the ratings, without realizing that producers, writers, editors and actors all have an active role in the messages getting relayed to children. At times this message can and will conflict with personal family values or beliefs. At times, this message may have been approved by an audience at large, yet it is still age inappropriate for its target audience. At times, being politically correct and/or having an agenda may take precedence over what some parents feel comfortable allowing their kids to watch.

Just because it’s an age specified cartoon doesn’t mean it’s an appropriate show for all children falling into that category to watch. With this in mind, I’m planning to spend some time watching and reviewing a bit of children’s programming, in an effort to share what I can so parents, teachers and other adult authority figures can make informed decisions about what their children watch.

To that end, it would help me greatly if you could share your knowledge and thoughts about children’s programming in the comments. Has Sesame Street or Barney changed over the years, or is it still as sound as way back when we were young? Are there some discontinued shows you are glad went away, and others you wish were still playing? What are your favorite current children’s programs that you are happy to let your kids watch anytime at all?

With your help, I will do my best to make this a comprehensive reference list adults can rely on to provide the best possible children’s programming available.

Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on Effectively Human today.

M. J.

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